pronounced (stoo-pid bi-ch)

Worse than a normal bitch, the stupid bitch has it's own specie classification, as it has a genetic structure and mental capacity inferior to that of a normal human being. You may recognize a stupid bitch by their irrational and selfish behavior. Though it is theoretically possible for a male to be a stupid bitch, there has been no such documented case.

Antonym: Decent Person
"What a stupid bitch!" in reference to the selfish or unintelligent actions of another.
by Svenix April 25, 2007
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A stupid bitch is a person who makes retarded remarks and does not think before they speak. A stupid bitch usually does not know the difference between pacific and specific. Only a stupid bitch will leave you wondering about their intelligence and leaving you with a "bitch are you serious" face on.
Stupid bitch: "My favorite ocean is the specific ocean."
Me: *boi hand gesture* "Stupid bitch."
by Zayster November 14, 2018
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My stupid cunt of a Wife.
God damn it Gloria, you stopped taking birth control? You stupid bitch!
by thiscouldbeanyone December 2, 2006
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Ms. Sherard is a stupid bitch!
You're a stupid bitch!
That girl over there is a stupid bitch!
That girl Tuesday Thompson is a stupid bitch!
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Bob “I hate that stupid bitch alyssa
Nate “yea ik bro me to”
by ChickenCock11 April 4, 2023
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A girl who is both a bitch and stupid. Can also include an adjective in between both words.
Vito: I am meeting up with that stupid greek bitch.
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