pronounced (stoo-pid bi-ch)

Worse than a normal bitch, the stupid bitch has it's own specie classification, as it has a genetic structure and mental capacity inferior to that of a normal human being. You may recognize a stupid bitch by their irrational and selfish behavior. Though it is theoretically possible for a male to be a stupid bitch, there has been no such documented case.

Antonym: Decent Person
"What a stupid bitch!" in reference to the selfish or unintelligent actions of another.
by Svenix April 25, 2007
A stupid bitch is a person who makes retarded remarks and does not think before they speak. A stupid bitch usually does not know the difference between pacific and specific. Only a stupid bitch will leave you wondering about their intelligence and leaving you with a "bitch are you serious" face on.
Stupid bitch: "My favorite ocean is the specific ocean."
Me: *boi hand gesture* "Stupid bitch."
by Zayster November 14, 2018
My stupid cunt of a Wife.
God damn it Gloria, you stopped taking birth control? You stupid bitch!
by thiscouldbeanyone December 2, 2006
Ms. Sherard is a stupid bitch!
You're a stupid bitch!
That girl over there is a stupid bitch!
That girl Tuesday Thompson is a stupid bitch!
A girl who is both a bitch and stupid. Can also include an adjective in between both words.
Vito: I am meeting up with that stupid greek bitch.
A stupid bitch will usually present themselves in some kind of vapid fashion that matches their vapid conversation topics. They are most often women, and regardless of gender, have rarely tried to better themselves through post-secondary education or 'the real world'.

During conversation, it becomes apparent that they don't have real interests. They discuss others, themselves, their sexual conquests, going out to the bar, and other trivial information that no one cares to hear about, or even asked about (such as how they can't hold down a job, etc.). The stupid bitch has no issue in making tacky comments about others, as well as purposely bringing up contentious subjects to provoke jealously or discomfort in whomever they are speaking to (i.e., that they once slept with your boyfriend). bitch

Stupid bitches are addicted to social networking sites and thrive on people's attention; good or bad. The stupid bitch is two-faced and lies easily. Ironically, people befriend the stupid bitch to get a good laugh. People keep the stupid bitch around so they have someone to joke about. The stupid bitch is too dumb to realize that this is the case, and mistakenly believes that she is actually well-liked.

Sleeping with the stupid bitch is risking catching something, and committing to YEARS of being stalked and having future partners harassed. So beware crazy bitch psycho bitch tacky skank. You "fuck and chuck" a stupid bitch because they do not comprehend a one night stand.
stupid bitch: "SO I HEARD ___________ SLEPT WITH __________ LIKE THEY ARE SO NOT PERFECT TOGETHER!"
level-headed person: "Wow, they're concerned about this? What a stupid bitch..."

level-headed person: "What a stupid bitch. That is so petty."

stupid bitch: "Oh yeah, I'mma virgin."
level-headed person: "Why the fuck have I see 3 of your sex tapes then?"

The best way to reply to the stupid bitch when provoked, is to play 'the happy person that everyone hates'. The stupid bitch actually hates their life, that is why they fervently say bitchy, irrelevant, things during conversation and feed off others' envy. Don't let them think for a second that what they say has any effect on you, other than realizing how wonderful your life is in comparison to theirs.
by blaaarg July 7, 2013