A man wearing a speedo that has nothing to show in it.
"See that guy over there? He's a zippo."
by Tim Cramer November 4, 2007
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1. A lighter noted for its durability.

2. The name of a Charmeleon owned by Ritchie in the Pokemon series.
1. "I just bought a Zippo; my old lighter stopped working."

2. "Zippo! Use Flamethrower!"
by ProudGinger February 12, 2009
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nuff' said
Yo i just bought this zippo lighter it's fucking sick!
by zippoman February 11, 2010
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1) The Best Lighters Ever made. If you use a Bic Flint and just plane Ol' Charcoal lighter fluid.

2) Bad ass due to the fact that every one who is cool has one

3) Named For the grunts who carryed Flame Throwers in WWII.

4) Also a pretty Kick ass dude.
Hey Zippo Let me Hold your zippo, This Zippo over here needs to light a house on fire from 50 yards.
by worik_brown April 2, 2008
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A person who spend their entire time on the internet trying to hook up with women. They never stop until they believe they've built the ultimate harem. One can typically find them in multiplayer games and social media outlets.

- The word "Zippo" originates from the natural behavior of a hippo. A hippo tends to reside in large groups in bodies of water, but are very territorial while not on land. Similar to how a Zippo will attempt to integrate themselves into a group that contains multiple women, and compete with any possible males who may be involved.
Holy crap, man don't be a zippo. It's much more looked-down upon than fuckboys.
by TUXEDOFLAMINGO January 15, 2018
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An overpriced supposedly "windproof" lighter made in Bradford, PA which is sold primarily overseas due to the fact that every American either doesn't smoke cigarettes or has a box of them that they inherited from their grandfather or uncle. Employees of Zippo are among the highest paid factory workers in Bradford and if you're lucky enough to get employed then you're trapped in the seventh circle of eternal damnation because they know that you're adapted money-making lifestyle can't afford to leave, thus allowing the Satan-Nazi management and HR to screw you over however and whenever they feel fit, which is usually on a daily basis. If you do escape, however, you're left with a empty shell of sanity and a really bad case of carpel-tunnel in both arms.
My friends that work at Zippo all drive new cars but work mandatory overtime 7 days a week and get laid off every 3 months.
by Mr Pukka March 3, 2009
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"Hey dude, could you pass me a light?"

"Sure, I don't have a lighter, but here's my China Zippo"
by lseD April 14, 2010
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