A member of a fraternity who shows extreme dedication to his fraternity and fraternity stero-types while showing extreme hatred to Independents
That zilla was at the party last night stompin all over GDI's
by Mike Clayton February 05, 2007
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1. a type of vann
2. a sooners fan
3. a choker
damn that sooners fan got in a vann and watched his team choke like a zilla
by sprtsgy1989 November 20, 2012
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an individual who displays many animilastic qualities; stems from the species velocirapter, which was known for its rather savage disposition
Damn that boi was zilla when he said "I can't fuck her, it'd be a blood bath"
by dsfdsafsadu April 22, 2009
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derived from the word FAGZILLA, it is a term to be used in a public place to describe a complete FAG in code without getting in trouble.
"Have you seen Carlos?"

"No, but I think he is with Robert"

"Damn Zilla, he is never working!"

"Yea he is always making out with Robert"
by atxking May 07, 2007
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The ultimate compliment known to man and the highest achievement the common man can achieve. Closely followed by a Nobel Prize.
Your Zilla,

You are the zillaest bro
You a Zilla Man
by ZillaLord August 12, 2014
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