the word ZER means to be taken as "something beyoned the imagination, explaination, description..."
ZER, its someone who'z different, kinda' xtreme in his doin's / thinkin's/ workin's
ZER, the word that can x-plain any damn situation/ person/ act/ thing.
- trouble: "I guess I'm really zered now"
- dismay: "Oh, zer!"
- aggresion: "don't zer me, buddy!"
- difficulty: "I don't understand this zer question"
- "That was a ZERYfying experiance"
by krex January 17, 2008
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A gender neutral possessive pronoun. It applies to the possessions of someone who does not fit into gender binary. See ze.
Zer shirt is soo cute!
by Kris Kowal March 15, 2007
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