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Outstanding guitarist accomplished in numerous styles ranging from classical to the heaviest metal this side of Tony Iommi. One of the premier guitarists of today. Fiercely loyal to friends, bandmates and fans. Does not suffer fools or assholes well. Big supporter of the Red, White and Blue. Big believer in living by a code of honor. As honest as the day is long. If you don't think you want to know his answer, you best not ask the question. A rock & roll classic.
If you want to hear straight ahead heavy music that does not follow another's lead, dial up some Zakk Wylde.
by Roger January 31, 2005
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The most amazing guitarist of the day. Many people assume things about Zakk wylde, but they just realize that theyre punk ass garbage bands or themselves cannot live up to Zakk's blistering solos. Do you see any other bands pull this shit off? Not many. Dimebag Darrell was also good friends with him(R.I.P) Also, people say hes a wannabe biker. He isnt a wannabe, and I guarantee you wouldnt say that to his face. Quit hiding behind the fucking screen, and do something if you feel that way. Also as said before, extremely loyal to friends, and also a very caring person. Get on his bad side though, and he'll kick your ass. Enough said.
Nick-"Holy shit, that punk just called Zakk wylde a poser!"
Ethan-"Better call the EMS and tell them to bring 2 body bags-One for him and the other one for his asshole after havin a boot put through it"
by Nick April 08, 2005
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An excellent guitar player who often uses natural harmonics and pinched notes.

(By the way, he is in fact better than Tom from Blink 182. There is no way in hell that Tom could play any of Zakk's solos.)
Zakk Wylde is better at guitar than you.
by Chris Macabre March 05, 2004
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Incredible human being with a heart bigger then my home state. (texas)
so fuck all of u assholes who think you know, he is one of the few human beings in the music biz with his priorities straight. o and the fucker shreds like hell too.
Dont believe me? get the "broozed, boozed, and broken boned tour" on DVD and youll see what i mean
by CAmeron March 17, 2005
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One of the most influential and original guitarists of all time. Joined Ozzy Osbourne's band in December of 1987, and still remains faithful to the Ozzman today. He also has a full catalog of albums with his own band, Black Label Society, and has a southern metal record called Pride And Glory.
Bone crushing metal riffs and explosive, over the top solos consisting of Pentatonic mayhem.
by Ryan Ratliff December 05, 2003
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the only really talented guitarist of today. most of todays bands suck, but black label society kicks ass.
zakk wylde will kick your ass.
by MetallilbangeR April 07, 2005
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