a musician, most commonly a guitarist or saxophonist; often used as a term of respect for someone with great talent.
Del Marquis, lead guitarist of Scissor Sisters, is internationally recognized as a gifted young axeman -- yet beyond a cult following, he is practically unknown in his native land, the United States.
by Deltoid Chiron June 21, 2007
The AxeMan is a YouTuber with over 270k subs (as of right now, 28th of March 2020) but likely to grow. He primarily plays modded Ark: Survival Evolved and all round seems to be a great guy. He is a also a from the UK.
Person 1: “Hey, do you watch The AxeMan?”
Person 2: “No, I watch Syntac.”
Person 1: “You piece of-.”
by Gamer4200 April 28, 2020
One obsessed with medieval weapons; a deluded fool with no experience of the world outside their playstation.
"Dude, that's such an axeman thing to do"
by Stovaa November 23, 2004
Scottie Axeman is a multi media producer,

he writes music for the bands

The Nekrowolves (wolfass)


he also draws Horror themed art and has a manga that has been in the works for since the start of 09

He has drawn art for a few bands all freelance work
a scottie axeman plays music writes songs draws art edits videos and does alot of other shit, but has no job.
by scottie axeman August 8, 2009