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this is when two females engage in performing the act of running at each other, and jumping from about one meter and a half apart while trying to cause the clitoris or other parts of the vagina to connect in a sexually satisfying way
clamjousting similar to super market jousting without the trolleys and two women wearing no clothes instead

also see female clam.
by junior, snowboard June 28, 2006
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When two lesbians get together for some action and rub their vagina's together. IE: The lady's clams have a good old tussle
by Aldo May 28, 2003
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is when two women who participate in the Medieval sport of jousting, utilizing their vaginas in places of the lances (jousting rods).
The bitches at the stip club decided to host a clamjousting tournament to win the grand cash prize!
by ASonic October 14, 2019
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