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n. from Greek 'tribein' to rub
Lesbianism, or more precisely Clamjousting.
The 'Double-Y' is the perfect position for tribadism.
by Cutaway August 17, 2004

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The British Army's issue service rifle.
A poorly researched, badly designed and sloppily constructed weapon, of a layout that generations of designers have been trying to foist on the Army since 1911.
The only outstanding point of the weapon is that it is the most expensive battle rifle available.
It has been kept on purely for political reasons, rather than because it is a good weapon. But in the halls of Westminster political careers deemed to be worth more than brave men's lives.

While the premise of a shorter rifle is laudable, the fact is that this particular 'design' can only be shot from the right shoulder forcing soldiers to shoot from positions without cover thereby putting their lives at greater risk, and negates the British Forces previously unchallenged position as leaders in Urban Operations, (FIBUA/OBUA/MOUT.)

It has previously and erroneously been defined and described as "a good overall weapon" and "undoutably the best weapon series in the world today.... stoppages are all attributed to the rounds.... old magazines would rarely jam with 30 rounds. Do not rate this weapon on what the media says, you have to be like me, live with it and use it regularly to know it." It would be interesting to find out what these gentlemen are comparing the SA80 to.

I too have lived day in and day out with the SA80, but I've also been issued and had many years experience with a large number of other weapons and know their fort├ęs and foibles, and can speak with a certain degree of authority on the subject.
A set of underwater soot-juggling gloves ? That's about as useful as an SA80
by Cutaway August 22, 2004

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A lady (often quite large,) that prefers the (very) close company of other ladies, known as femmes. Regularly seen wearing a lumberjack shirt, boots and dungarees/bib & braces overalls.

Origin: Due to the normal extreme mass of these 'ladies,' it has often been assumed that locomotion could only be facilitated with the assistance of a powerful Diesel engine.

See also Clamjouster, Mingeeta, Plaid-clad Whale and Rugmuncher

Source: Cutaway, Aug 9, 2004 "Dieseldyke"
Said at the A&E Dept, "I hope you've learnt from that young man, never get between that Diesel and her Femme !"
by cutaway October 28, 2004

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A lady, often but not uniquely, of Catholic education who engages in the time honoured Girls' School pastime of clamjousting. It is the noble martial art of clam-to-clam combat, where one girl grinds her clam against her opponent's. (aka Tribadism)

The collective noun is 'TILT' (From the medieval tournaments consisting of a number of jousts.)
"A tilt of clamjousters"

See also: boxgrazer, dieseldyke, mingeeta, rugmuncher, WRAC.
"That dorm has seen so much clamjousting the matresses squelch with fannybatter"
by Cutaway August 17, 2004

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The lubricating fluid that is secreted, or in the more impressive cases actually squirted, from the vagina prior to, during and after sexual congress.
She comes so much I thought I was going to drown in her fannybatter.
by Cutaway August 17, 2004

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Gorgeous woman, very often found in the presence of a fuckwit.

When not accompanied by a fuckwit, yummies tend to flock together in bars, clubs or on beaches.

The collective noun for a group of yummies is a moist.
Jussus man, those yummies are dancing so close they're nearly clamjousting !
by Cutaway May 23, 2005

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Someone, generally a woman, who engages in cunnilingus, or 'eating at the Y'

See also Mingeeta, Rugmuncher
"Don't even try to chat her up, she won't be interested. She's a boxgrazer !"
by Cutaway August 17, 2004

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