Lazier way of pronouncing "You're my bitch". Usually said after seeing your bitch with another.
Upon seeing his daughter leave porno dave's kinky pornzine soho buttfuck shop, psycho bitch's father reminded her who's dick she sucked first by saying "Yous Mah Beeyatch!"
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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Somebody you have in check, they do what you command.
person1: "Yo, pick up my pencil"
person2: "Ight"
person1: "Ahh, checkmate! You my bitch!"
by Mario! April 1, 2009
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To dominate an opponent in competition. To utterly embarass another by your sheer dominance... therefore making them your bitch.
Example: I play you this week in the fantasy football playoffs... I'm gonna make you my bitch!
by scOK December 18, 2013
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To you completely impose your will on another with great authority
The Buckeyes have made Michigan their bitch for 13 of the last 14 years. In 2018, I will make you my bitch once again
by Tony45066 November 26, 2017
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If u just got someone really good or need them to understand how much of nothing they are, this is the phrase to use. Best if used against Chirish or people named Daniel Tim.
(after slapping upside the head or on the nipple) You my bitch! Suck it dry!
by RespectMeBitch September 21, 2004
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A quote from a video on the internet in which two girls start a fist fight over an argument on MySpace. They fall into a small tree in front of someone's house and the owner proceeds to yell "you broke my tree, bitch" It has been used on the internet as to be said by a 3rd person while 2 people are fighting about something nonsensical.
Person 1: Why did you delete me on MySpace?
Person 2: I hate you
Person 3: You broke my tree, bitch
by joey schneider August 8, 2007
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