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shilkacco is a far stronger form of tobacco. The shilkacco plant leaves are dryed by putting them in a furnace for 41 and a half hours. The shilkacco plant can also can be made into a drink, this is made by the leaves being filtered through 57 layers of socks placed together by chinese monkeys. (i must add, the shilkacco tea tastes like poo)
'ere pass that shilkacco cig. That's some strong shit!!!!!
by scOK March 14, 2007
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it is the mixture of shit and milk. and /or used as an insult.
thats some good shilk!,god u pile of shilk!!
by scOK November 16, 2006
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To dominate an opponent in competition. To utterly embarass another by your sheer dominance... therefore making them your bitch.
Example: I play you this week in the fantasy football playoffs... I'm gonna make you my bitch!
by scOK December 18, 2013
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