yourRAGE, a type of medical condition that affects the knee area, people with yourRAGE also experience large egos, a fat ass, and having feeling towards men, and in serious cases, could spread to shoulders.
You’re results came back, you’ve tested positive for yourRAGE
by Im_Dontai June 8, 2021
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A big dick black man who streams on twitch leader of YRG he is also gay.
Do you like YourRage no he is gay.
by ScumTk November 28, 2020
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A bitch ass nigga wit sum bun ass lil boy kness
1. Yo you watch that new Yourrage stream
2. Is that the nigga who screams like a bitch?
3. Yeaaa and he got knees made of glass
by It’sMari November 29, 2020
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The Immortal God who’ll finesse your thot at any moment in any given time. He forged YRG with nothing but his nut, chipotle, and his barehands
1. “Wxvy, do you think YourRAGE will give you loyal?”
2. “Shoutout to my nigga YourRAGE”~Solluminati
3. “Any female is a THOT until proven otherwise”-~YourRAGE
by Wxvy-.- March 18, 2019
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YourRage is a serious medical condition that involves an individual having non-functional and unusable knees.
It can also be reffered to when an individual damages their shoulder causing it to be useless.

If you experience any knee/shoulder pain, please contact YRG robotics for further instructions on how to order a custom titanium-plated knee joint or stainless steel plated shoulder humerus.
Damn, my knee be hurtin' today, Imma go and pre-order me some titanium knees to make sure I avoid getting Yourrage.
Fuck, my shoulder discombobulated, I think i might have Yourrage, I better go to YRG robotics to order some premium gold-plated shoulder joints.
by Smoko_Guap August 11, 2021
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Joshua "YourRAGE" Rage is a twitch streamer from Florida with over 650k + followers, with 950k + subscribers on YouTube and a part-time IG thot. YRG (his community) says that he has broke knees and shoulders. But you better not make fun of his injuries because he will curse you. Joshua is also the best LGBT streamer.
"Wussuh" -YourRAGE
"Fuh ya talm bout" - YourRAGE
"Ya nuh sayin" -YourRAGE
"Jit" -YourRAGE
by YRGxDEO August 18, 2021
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Some random gay person I think he asian or something
Person 1: you watch yourrage
Person 2: ain't he gay
by FactsOnly please July 4, 2021
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