Yourrage. The littest streamer/youtuber, the most goated person on this plantet, and of course home of the littest community on any social media platform. If you fuck with anyone in YRG or the messiah himself, you will be eviscerated and thats on gwad.
"you know we gang yea you know we YRG"
by i_noahlot May 22, 2020
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YRG is a organization/group made by a twitch streamer Creed/YourRAGE.
"Ain't that, that one YRG nigga?"
"Yeah, them niggas is gay"
by ihykai May 14, 2022
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Young rich gang
Members of yrg who are all under command of the broken knee ass bitch yourrage
Also the littest yt fanbase
Oh he part of yrg don’t mess with him
by Usopp May 13, 2021
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Young Rich Gang (YRG) is a gang affiliated with Sniper Gang, YSL, Bloods & 8 Trey Crips.
by YourLightskin December 22, 2022
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Young Rich Gang it’s a gang full of Young Rich Niggas with the power of awesomeness and Virginity
Yeah bro I hear that nigga apart of YRG watch out!
by YoungAssCheekHead March 31, 2021
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YRG stands for Young Rich Generation. Mostly used to show how young people live wealthy in this days
by Dysmas Titus July 7, 2021
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Did I hurt your feelings?
YRG (you are good)
by WOTC princess July 15, 2019
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