3 definitions by YRGxDEO

Twitch streamer and leader of DEO.
Also has a big ass nose.
"Yo twin you seen BruceDropEmOff's last stream"
"Yea twin that shit was fye"
"Fax my duplicate"
"Ong my wombmate"
by YRGxDEO August 18, 2021
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ChrisNxtDoor is a member of AMP and also their editor. Never uploads on mondays... He's also a victim of the YRG curse.
"ChrisNxtDoor why don't you upload on mondays ?" -A lot of niggas
"Shut the f*ck up about mondays I be smoking blunts on sundays." -ChrisNxtDoor
by YRGxDEO August 18, 2021
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Joshua "YourRAGE" Rage is a twitch streamer from Florida with over 650k + followers, with 950k + subscribers on YouTube and a part-time IG thot. YRG (his community) says that he has broke knees and shoulders. But you better not make fun of his injuries because he will curse you. Joshua is also the best LGBT streamer.
"Wussuh" -YourRAGE
"Fuh ya talm bout" - YourRAGE
"Ya nuh sayin" -YourRAGE
"Jit" -YourRAGE
by YRGxDEO August 18, 2021
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