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Short for "happenin", Used mainly in greeting (see example)
Me: Yo, wats happ??
Friend: nm, u??
Me: same
by Demonik Sorciz September 10, 2006
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a shortened expression referring to Applebee's Half-Priced Appetizers after 10 PM
Guy 1: "Hey what do you guys want to do tonight?"

Guy 2: "I'm starving, lets go grab some happs down at Applebees!"
by Almost Famous HD May 15, 2011
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The happenings. The situation. The goings on. The gossip. The general happage. Whatever the "happs" are.
"What are the happs". "The happs are ...."
by pptvn August 14, 2017
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Happs stands for half off appetizers. Applebee's has half off apps, or happs, starting at 8 every night.
Ex 1: Wanna get happs later?

Ex 2: I'm at Applebee's for happs.
by the fifans April 22, 2016
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from Old Norse happ good luck; related to Old English gehæplic convenient, Old Slavonic kobǔ fate ... also a man's name.. Happ Walker .. my buddy in high school used to say "what's the haps?" .. like "what's happening?"
what's the happs .. or haps
by KarlLober January 26, 2018
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