Counter - Point
The concept of combining multiple independent musical voices to create a single harmonious composition. Counterpoint is often dislikes because of it's strict structure and rules, such as no parallel fifths (Which is not independent), and no tritones (Which is not harmonious).
"German composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) - a master of counterpoint and harmony - is viewed as one of the greatest composers of all time."
by S.J. Bafalto May 4, 2023
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It's like if you took all of the worst parts of math and science and turned that into a standard of college music theory.
"Did you finish the counterpoint due tomorrow?"
"Shit, I didn't. Fuck counterpoint, man."
by davetheravewhoknowshowtobehave November 22, 2021
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There's nothing cool about somebody that is around because they see dollar signs everywhere.
What the developer was saying wasn't a cool counterpoint, it was as cool as penguin shit. The neighborhood was cool and diverse the way it was before the developer came in trying to fuck with and gentrify it, before the respect for the people of the neighborhood was overran, and before the people were left without much choice but to fight or flee. Not everyone was going to flee like the developers wanted, no matter how much rent or housing/living costs went up, trying to price them out.
by The Original Agahnim September 15, 2021
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