A phrase used on Twitter typically as a way to mock somebody for either a bad take or no reason at all. Sometimes it's used as a way to ratio the unaware victim. Most people using this phrase lack a strong male role model in their life and don't know what grass feels like.
Person A: Uncle Iroh isn't that great of a character.
Person B: you fell off + YB better
Person A: .
by PIZZA STEVE 44 September 15, 2021
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The goddest tier of arguments. If you decide to say this, you won. Unless you are almost and very close to losing, this is the best way to climb back up
Person 1: You are literally toxic, you keep saying ez and its completely usele-
Person 2: L + Ratio + You Fell Off
by Among us sucks May 5, 2022
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Twitter Dude: My Grandma just died
Random Guy On Twitter: Ratio+You Fell Off+ YB Better
by Adifiddid October 29, 2021
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