4 definitions by Among us sucks

The most weird word in existence. Its purpose serves nothing, literally unnoticeable.
Person 1: "What does IDK stand for??"

Person 2: "I dont know..."
by Among us sucks April 25, 2022
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The thing in cook burgers which makes you a god according to poor people
Woah! That guy has a x-27 prototype! Lets go near him a mock him hehe
NOOOO leaves game
by Among us sucks March 3, 2022
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The goddest tier of arguments. If you decide to say this, you won. Unless you are almost and very close to losing, this is the best way to climb back up
Person 1: You are literally toxic, you keep saying ez and its completely usele-
Person 2: L + Ratio + You Fell Off
by Among us sucks May 5, 2022
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When someone talks back in an argument, so instead of thinking of new comebacks, say "MAD" as that would totally help and not get the other person more comebacks. And even.. make you get ratio'd !!!
Person 1: Are you kidding me? This is a pvp game and you are getting mad I am saying "Alright guys get him"

Person 2: lmao u r mad and have no plans u use people for the better as u cant fite me urself
by Among us sucks May 15, 2022
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