"Shit, man. I was so busy buffing up for the York Ultimate team that I forgot to study for Durkee's bio final."
"Woah, dude. You're fucked."
by omgnowai December 06, 2008
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York is quite a small town about 23 away from leeds. All the uni students are complete nerds with posh accents. Apart from them its a mint place to live. Fucking full of tourists though.
York is where they make Kit Kats.
by Crook November 29, 2004
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A town in Pennsylvania. It was the capital of the United States for one day, and the Articles of Confederation were written there. (But the Congressman had a horrible time staying there as they wrote it...) In the present time, York can be summed up with the words, "laziness", "obesity", "boring", and "yard sales".
The York Fair has way too many fat people.
by evilone1 August 02, 2005
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A city in the county of Yorkshire (in the UK) and was for a very long time a very important city (from its humble beginings as a roman fort, to the industrial revoloution)

But during the industrial revoloution, what were previously smaller cities and towns took a bigger role due to the fact there were more mills and factories in places like Bradford and Leeds.

One thing however, that York still holds on to is a major tourism industry. Despite having too many tourists pronouncing Gillygate wrong (it is pronounced Jillygate), it is an awesome city.
York is where I was born.
by PaddyMcShizzle June 09, 2010
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A university located in Toronto, Canada, with a big sunny campus and a quite proactive gay and lesbian integration policy. The third largest university in Canada.
If you don't know where to go, go to York
by Ysengrim January 03, 2004
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Small town in central Pennsylvania. It's one of the most dangerous small cities. While there area some rich people on the outskirts of York, the area immediately to the west of Downtown York rivals some of the most dangerous ghetto's in the country such as Camden, Detroit, West Baltimore, and North St.Louis. Downtown York is quite nice just be sure you don't walk 6 feet in the wrong direction and don't stay out too late at night. It's somewhat of a college town to with York College ( YCP ) and Penn State York nearby. Topography wise York is pretty with nice rolling hills and lots of greenery, unfortunately the run-down industrialized junk in it and the high crime rate ruin the city. It was technically the first capital of the U.S although that was very breif.
Guy 1: Let's go to this party in West York tonight.
Guy 2: Dude are you crazy do you want to get shot?
by Stealthfox94 December 09, 2014
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Word used to describe someone who resides in Yorkshire (an area within Prince William County). People who fit this category will generally tend to engage in such white trash activities as snorting their sister in law's Tylenol-3, jacking off to pictures of their friends' girlfriends, creating glory holes in the bathroom of Tom's Diner, vomiting (after drinking 2 or more FourLokos, of COURSE) in a random parking lot, or even selling oregano to their friends' eight year old siblings as a substitute for marijuana. This can also refer to people who take paternity tests about 2-4 times every two months or forgetting to charge your boat battery before going fishing. Basically anyone who is "white trash"
Mike: Did you see that motherfucker?

Nick: Yeah dude, he was so York"


Megan: "I need two four lokos tonight"

Jay: "Fuck, she's gonna york it up tonight"
by DatThrillNigga June 11, 2010
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