A University located in North Yorkshire, in England.
It is full of middle class white students who, according to a national survey, are the most boring in the nation.
Hence the name: University of Dork
Look at this Geeks,they are certainly Yorkies.

Last time I went to a house party at York. We ordered Pizza, we drunk beer and played video-games. Don't tell my mun, though. She wont let me go to parties.
by George the Nerd March 29, 2004
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My stupid, racist, hick-town high school.
Howdy yall! Welcome to york new york! If you are gay or colored, we don't want you.
by :-) March 21, 2005
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Its could be used as every word in the dictionary positively or negatively
Its time to york myself this is the end.
by Yorkendoodle December 10, 2019
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