Slang for euro currency unit.

Note: Please slap anyone calling them "Yoyos". Hard.
Spot me a few yods mate, I'm skint...
by Budalicious May 24, 2005
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George called me an 8 day old piece of rotting cantoloupe stuck in the garbage disposal, he's such a yod.
by yupitsme2.0 May 10, 2019
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When two planets are sextile/"gods finger"/"Finger of fate"
by oofitt November 18, 2018
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Yod is essentially a load of wank, which certain people have tried to introduce in the place of bare, meaning lots. It appears it is not as broad-reaching as bare though and refers primarily to people. Fortunately this word is unlikely to make it into general circulation as bare is actually far more practical.
For example, if one were to say "Yod is here", it would mean lots of people are here.
by Elliott Malone June 18, 2006
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Short for "Youth on drugs" (as opposed to YAD, Youth against drugs) and in such an alias for a Finnish MC "Jodarok"
YOD, Kemmuru, nimet mielees paa
by tmoe March 3, 2007
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