A more socially acceptable euphemism (substitute) for "motherfucker" suitable for use in FCC-regulated media and elsewhere. Used and likely originated by comedian Bill Cosby for his comic routines in the 1960s, it is predicated on the assumption that your daddy has sex with your mother.
Baker: You took a bad fall on the field during practice.
Able: I broke my arm in the fall and it hurt like yo daddy.
by Ocixel October 03, 2013
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Yo daddy got cataraks

Yo daddy got malaria

Yo daddy got epilepsy

Yo daddy got eboli

Yo daddy got Rickets

Yo daddy got Conjuntivitis

Yo daddy has typhoid

Yo daddy got austroschlaalers disease

yo daddy got pagets disease

yo daddy got scarlet fever
Used before you crack on sum1's daddy.
by RLOVE March 03, 2003
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