Yo daddy got cataraks

Yo daddy got malaria

Yo daddy got epilepsy

Yo daddy got eboli

Yo daddy got Rickets

Yo daddy got Conjuntivitis

Yo daddy has typhoid

Yo daddy got austroschlaalers disease

yo daddy got pagets disease

yo daddy got scarlet fever
Used before you crack on sum1's daddy.
by RLOVE March 4, 2003
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The insult, and/or comeback, to which there is no comeback greater than or equal to.

Intended to be said with the accent of a southern African American gentleman.

Variant: Yo Pappy's Mammies
Person A: Please pass the salt.

Person B: Yo Daddy's Titties.
by atrixw June 24, 2011
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A slag for calling someone ugly as referring to there family mainly their father as unappealing to others.

A term or saying that you use in calling someone out or poking fun at colleagues.
"You ugly ass mofo no arm lookin ass you yo daddy son."

"Your so ugly you yo daddy son."
by Liam Franklin September 29, 2016
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Basically an insult calling you and your father ugly.
You and your father look alike, and are genetically related, so (typically), if someone were to say “You ugly, you yo daddy son.” They Are calling you ugly initially, then linking that same adjective to your father.
by razberrywaffle June 21, 2020
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yo daddy aint no glass maker: What ur mom tells u when u get in the way of the tv in the ghetto.
chiled: *walks in front of tv*

mother: *yeets shoe at young'n* Yo daddy aint no glass maker!
by im u fucking sadist17 February 16, 2021
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a mom and a dad that has a cock and a pus-say
yo mamma daddy is a fag, and he she is yo mamma daddy
by yo mama February 6, 2004
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Denial reply claiming that you are not the father of the woman's child
Girl, I ain't yo baby daddy!
by Gumba Gumba February 25, 2004
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