big breasts, jugs; a girl with really big boobs
by Eric Johnson August 11, 2004
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like if you said breast in stead you would say yitties.
by Swift June 30, 2003
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your titties
rebecca: *accidentally hits rachel’s boobs*
rachel: omg ow!!
rebecca: omg how r the yitties??!!
by Allison lol June 21, 2019
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The upper echelon of female breasts. More than your average set of titties.
“Eddies a huge boob guy. He’s all about those YITTIES.”

“I’ve been out here milkin’ that ass because I sucked the yitties dry months ago.”
by SlowJammer69 January 7, 2020
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another way to say "shitty", commonly used by Bloods
Louie: Damn Bluh, I went to Barl's Jr. and their fries are yitty as hell.
by Louie XIX Reyes November 18, 2005
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