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1. A stressful gasp; the opposite of sigh of relief.

2. Sign of stress given by a person, who is tangled or wrapped up in lots of work.

3. The easiest way to say, "I'm busy" or "I'm stressed".
I feel like I'm going to be on the toliet forever! Bluh, so don't ask me to work until I'm finished... *Hnngh*
by Chad-Syphrett September 25, 2012
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slang for "blood" said quickly, it becomes "bluh". what one blood calls another blood, or just a name of reference.
"what the fuck it do bluh?"

"i'm fixin' to go, bluh"
by g blood April 23, 2007
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Worse than blah.
After a night of drinking, I feel worse than blah. I feel bluh.
by jerfer June 15, 2009
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An Alternian way of saying THIS IS STUPID. Also the sound sea dwellers tend to make when slamming a bottle of the soft drink called Faygo.
troll1: "H3YYY K4RK4T, Y0UR F4C3 SM3LLS LIK3 C4NDY!!!!"
troll2: "BLUH."
by poke-nl April 2, 2017
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slang for ''blood'' usually mocking them
Mario The Crip:yo Juan waddup my nigger
Jamal The Crip: whut up bluh'
by Eric December 11, 2003
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Robert Bluh has 5 kids, Devon Bluh, Jonah Bluh, Akiva Bluh, Bennett Bluh,and Aden bluh
by Robert Bluh March 7, 2004
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