Yit-yaw means nothing
If you have to ask what it means you don’t need to know
1: YAT-YAS!!!
2: YIT-YAW!!!
by 0621-1833 January 14, 2019
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Yuppie In Training. See yuppie for more information.
Look at that YIT with the mocha frap. What a tard.
by xcopy January 15, 2008
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any sock, towel or tissue that is used to
to wipe up semen.
Joe reached for his Yit rag as he was about to blow his load
by Tim Conlin December 10, 2008
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Pooping in a public restroom and then making a swift exit.
"Yo I really gotta poop but the nearest restroom is in that Taco Bell."

"Just do a yit-n-dip kid."
by yungherms September 24, 2013
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These combinations of sounds are often used as the female mating call in Canada. It is wide spread, yet very elusive. Some people never get to hear a Canadian Woman's mating call.
Canadian Female: ''Yit tit tit!''

Male: ''Wow! She must be really horny!''
by Eulise January 09, 2012
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Yit. A name for a prominent boob. Yits = Prominent boobs.
Dat girl has a pair of yits!
by Jesscuzyits April 14, 2016
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