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A tall darkhaired girl.
-very random
-also known as kill
p1: Hi Kill!
Killarney: Sally the camel, has ONE HUMP!
p1: right.... *walks away*
by randonmchild051 April 24, 2008
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Killareny is a place located in ireland, Most people from killareny really like to milk cows for some reason....

it is said that people from killareney can never spell it the same way......

so If you just read up to see where I spelled killareney, you must be from killlanrey

they also tend to know how to say the same thing in 40 diffrent ways.
bob:wtf that guy just spent 4 hours milking cows......
James: what guy? ohh must be that guy from killareney

Luka:Hey bob I just found this leave right, when i found it, it was on the floor, it was just staying still, not moving or anyhting.... standing still.... then i picked it up with my hand....
and then i just dropped it, and picked it up again, now its still in my hand, did you see that? i think it just moved... oh wait, just the wind.... very windy today is't it? this moringing i stepped out side and noticed it was windy, thats why i told you.... is't wind just some guy on the other side of the world blowing? well if it-


luka: sure....

luka: so anyway......

*bob walks off*

*bob thinking*" that guy must be from killarney
by caelum19 August 19, 2012
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