shortened version of the phrase " are you right mate? "
that looked like it hurt, yit ?
by kkree March 25, 2007
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A racial slur for a russian jew or a yiddish person who resides from siberia
im gonna go down to the deli and pop some yits
by Fat Jack Burke April 09, 2009
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basically to shit your self or to be scared.
'I was absolutley yitting it then'
by yellowmellow12 January 02, 2010
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A new and improved way of saying breasts, boobies or yitties.
My yits are awesome.

She has nice yits.
by meaganm March 11, 2008
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basically means tits or boobs but for some reasons the t in "tits" is replaced with a y. However, this word has a bad denotation, if something is "yits" then it is bad.

Was created from people pressing the y key on a phone or computer on accident (bc its right netx to the t key) instead of the t key.
Friend 1: Yooo how does the shotgun do 9 damage this game is yits.
Friend 2: It was created by epic games...what did you expect
by BiWgAcBoScEkY June 13, 2018
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A term commonly used in New Zealand which is usually used by itself, as an answer to a question. Commonly means "no" but in a way which sounds like "yip" with a t on the end, making it false.
Hey bro want to come to my carnival drink party this weekend?

by Yit-ster. October 17, 2010
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