In the name of science, performing the act of jumping from a helicopter onto a 10-point buck and wrestling it to the ground.
Holy shit! Did you see Dr. Jimbo just Yit out of that Robinson R44 and wrestle that sumbitch to the ground?
by SubmarineInTheSky August 06, 2020
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Acronym for "Yeah, it's true'.

In a conversation on social media or real life someone backs up the speakers statement by saying "yeah, it's true" without posting corroborating evidence.
According to Reddit, (insert link) they say it happened. So yeah, it's true. (YIT) (Similar to the 31flavors statement from Ferris Buellers Day Off...)
by Imp1 January 06, 2020
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To be of the receiving end of an object that was yeeted / thrown.
He/she was yit by the yeeted item.
by StrokeMyUnicornsUnihorn August 19, 2019
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A nice girl if you are good friends with her.she can help u in almost every way .A smile will lift up your spirits. She is never scared to stand up.but if u do something wrong she can get super angry but will most probably forgive you
"Who is that nice friend of yours"
"Of course its yit Qing!"
by March 08, 2021
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A word used in the town of Killarney in Ireland to show approval for something.
I am going to drink on for three days yit yit.
boys she is some beor yit yit.
by pony jocker September 04, 2019
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