Common phrase used by U.S. Marines with the military occupational speciality of 1833 (assault amphibious vehicle crewman) or 2141 (assault amphibious vehicle repairman) to explain to the world how they feel about other U.S. Marine occupations. The phrase "YAT-YAS" translates to "You aint tracks then you aint shit".
PFC: "Good morning Gunny."
GySgt: "YAT-YAS Devil Dog, how are you?"
by Gene Mitchell June 14, 2008
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An acronym used by Marines Normally Amtrackers (amphibious tracked vehicle drivers) as a greeting, a sign of understanding, can be an adjective or simply just a statement. which translates to “You ain’t Tracks, You and shit”. This term has been around probably since the early 1960’s.
Q: are you ready to get wet?

YAT-YAS Mother Fucker
by Trackrat September 10, 2008
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