a variation of yaa, which is a variation of yeah
*something good happens*
person: yiiiiiii!
by ROSS October 19, 2004
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a slang term for 'whatever'

if someone said something, and you didnt agree.. you'd say' OH Yii !'

As in 'oh whatever you chat shit'
It is to be said very quick and rude..


A: 'u got beat up by scrapz on saturday night innit..'

B: 'OH Yii .. he started it but i finished it fam'

by unknownzzz November 2, 2007
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another term for a black person, but to be sly about it. it is said out loud in a deep croaky voice.
me and my friend were walking in town when we walked past these two black men, we both immediately shouted
" Yii!!" then we started laughing.
by bitty'stitties,yii May 28, 2010
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a phonetic spelling of a variant of "yes"
-that biatch is such fucking trick ass ho
-yii, fo sheez
by waa February 24, 2004
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The opposite of yay.
Jack: Oh my god I think I am about to win the lottery, just 1 more number!
Jill: Oh really?
Jack: Yiy, I didnt win.
by MaFi0s0 December 16, 2006
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(n) Yii is an experssion used commonly by Cambodian people when they feel annoyed by something.
*Son keeps asking his mom for money the 39382093th time in one day, but his mom still refuses*

-Son: Mom, please give me five hundred riels.
-Mom: Yii, I said I don't have money!
by yeeheehaw July 6, 2020
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