yessir is a way of saying yes sir or yes mama but faster
mark said "go get the paper" jack replied "yessir"
by uwuowovo June 02, 2020
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A saying that is another way of saying yes to someone
Brynn: Hey Joshua you want to have our Minecraft beds together

Joshua: YesSir
by Timetraveler75 February 07, 2020
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What u scream at your boys when they say something u agree with
Freind: u had that girls last night over ain’t it

by Darknesssav February 14, 2021
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What kids do in the hallway at my school while clapping
*bell rings*

β€œYessir yessir yessir yessir........”
by Jo papa©️ December 16, 2019
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What microscopically small-penised frat boys say when they do a stupid frat boy thing.
Frat Guy #1: Ayyyyye bro I totally just picked up some polo shirts and some puff bars no cap
Frat Guy #2: yessir *does milly rock*
by trentino51 August 01, 2020
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A word that means yes, yeah, yuh, but from NYC this word was made by Jalen Worthy
We only take dubs YESSIR
by Posidalls September 10, 2020
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