The two words Bison say after the street fighters are defeated
Commonly used in Youtube Poops
Guy: Want me to get rid of those tapes i made for you?
Bison: No don't be hasty, not until i see those street fighters pummel to dust which should be any moment now.
*Street fighter is beat down
Bison: YESH! YESH!
by AndyShandy March 22, 2009
Meaning "Yes", but jokingly, wittily, to lighten the mood...
... used by Micheal Scott of the Office when being disciplined by his superior... David asks if everything is clear... Micheal says... "Yeshhh"... indicating he doesn't take the scolding too seriously...
by the tile ninja January 18, 2010
1. The word used by Mooch in Mutts to say 'Yes!'.
2. An awesome way to say 'yes.'
1. Chicky-shnoodle!? Yesh!
2. The band Yesh is alright, I guess.
by NESMonster February 4, 2004
Simply a derivative of the word yes and yeah, when satisfied with something, or attempting to get eminent gratification.
pishoogle: did you finally beat RogueShip?
ipwnzerzj00: yeeeshhhhhhh
by Qw33n Kuma November 13, 2003
The hypberbolic yes.

Used as a variation of the world yes.

Just as the hyperbolic sine is sinh.
Yesh! It's an extender, that really is the icing on the cake.

"Hey, did you bone Sally?"
"Yesh, indeed!"
by Julian G Fox April 18, 2008
An amalgamation of the words "Yes" and "Yeah"
by Anonymous January 31, 2003
-yes in the coolest manner it could be in.
-often used in IMing but can be used in a comical
Janeiscool: hey did u go 2 that party yesterdayy?

forshizzlemynizzle: yyyeshhh for shure! it waz awesum!

Janeiscool: it waz.
by 14946 February 7, 2009