An enormous Supervolcano which houses an incredibly huge magma chamber deep underground which is several miles across and is just waiting to erupt and blow our sorry arses into the next world. Will most likely happen when some 3 billion people are having a coffee break or having a toilet break.
Joe: The sky is dark, its snowing in the middle of july and my home has collapsed from mountains of volcanic ash crushing my piles of porno mags.

Mike: oh well, Yellowstone has erupted. The end of the world has to start somewhere.
by wierd brained emo kid August 7, 2006
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The first national park in America. The bison will gore you, the bears will eat you and the park service will treat you like a moron.
Yellowstone is an incredible wonder, an awesome place. I will, however, never go there because of how horribly Xanterra treats their employees.
by Poofter June 10, 2005
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The art of giving your girl industrial strength laxatives then waiting another thirty minutes and fucking her in the ass, unload your load, then watch the magic being as she shits everywhere like the Yellowstone volcano.
I enjoy a good Yellowstone once in awhile, but its a pain to clean up...
by Panthernop May 9, 2016
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When a male is so obsessed with a television program he can’t stop talking about almost seems to pop a boner.
Scott gets a raging yellowstoner when he’s talking about his boy Rip from Yellowstone last night.
by Rube18 October 22, 2020
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When you are super high in Yellowstone National Park.
Man, not sure we should have consumed those edibles before our hike at Yellowstone, I am yellowstoned!
by GlazeHer July 13, 2017
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The effect if yellow stone volcano was to erupt, causing the world to end being covered in clouds of ashes
Did you see that discovery documentary! Cause if you did im damn well afraid of the Yellowstone Effect!
by Chris-bearer July 9, 2009
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when a girl is jerking you off and you cum in the air and the girl has to catch it in her mouth
Yeah me and mrs.carter were doing a Yellowstone geyser on Tuesday
by urgrandpais2hot4u November 25, 2009
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