The act of being brought to orgasm through biting.
"Man, I was getting real close, then she started gnawing on my neck and I just lost it. She totally yeened me off. I got yeened off!"
by Fuzzyo March 22, 2019
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you don't know

- can also be written as y33n know (your preference)
Darious: Man you hear that new soulja boy song, its so cold i almost had to pull up my pants.

De'shaun: Ah shit, yeen know.
by B-Hardinator May 19, 2009
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the state of bein a queen; aint nobody eva go rain on ur parade if u livin like dis; rap goddess
oh my god, susan ur basically yeen bean
by pappajohn April 15, 2015
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Lol booty funny 😂 yeen een know it
Teacher: whats 3+5
Student 1 (quietly)* : 8
Student 2(loudly)* :8
Teacher: Good Job!
Student 1: boi get yo African booty scratcher on somewhere Yeen Een Know it fo real
by Marz3000 November 4, 2018
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Slime language for "you ain't my slime"
"Yeen my slime yeen my slime young gunna gunna I'm in my prime" - OH OKAY by Gunna
by 1i1U771 December 10, 2019
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