noun (plural yeens)
1. (furry jargon) a hyena, often used in a similar way to the word "doggo", except "yeen" is a clipping of the original word
2. a nickname for someone whose fursona is a hyena

1. a contraction of the words "you ain't" or "you ain't even"

There are many other nicknames for hyenas that have been derived from this word. (e.g.: yeener, yeen bean, yeeb, etc.) They all mean pretty much the same thing, and are interchangeable.
noun (plural yeens)
1. I got to go see some actual yeens at a wildlife education center yesterday. Did you know there are different kinds of yeens?

1. Yeen gon' say hi your gramma?
by Waifi July 7, 2020
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Slang for "you ain't".
typically how southern people say it
"yeen shit"
by hahalabacka May 8, 2004
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Something you say when you do not wish to have a conversation with someone else. It typically ends the interaction by confusing the other person, which causes them to almost instantaneously cease conversing with you.
Person A: yo, what's up dude?
Person B: yeen
Person A: what the fuck?
by Samueliscool223 September 27, 2021
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yeen n. someone or something who is specifically awkward. awkward in a silent, creepy, reclusive sense. frustratingly quiet or annoying in general. can have negative or somehow positive connotations.

yeenish (adj.) see above

to yeen (v) to participate in awkward activities (usually with atleast one other person)

yeenily (adv.) to do something in an awkward fashion
wow, i dont know his deal last night he was being SUCH a yeen.

pssh you didnt have to be so yeenish, just come out and tell me that you like me!

we yeened around for a while, but things got less awkward i swear.
by Raqwail February 21, 2006
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he so yeen!
damn! that’s yeen
by yeenism December 28, 2017
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perfect <3
"i love yeen"
by April 17, 2021
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