A word used to describe any individual who can only say "yass" instead of saying "yes" like a normal human being.
Nicholas: Hey I just got this new Japanese visual novel
Kaitlyn: Yassss
Nicholas: Stop being such a fucking yasshole
by The Rhinocerous August 16, 2016
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yas (derivative of yes) + asshole

An asshole in a film or television show you are silently rooting for
About Netflix's hit show Daredevil:
"The character Stick is a real yasshole. He's always a real shit, but manages to save day every once and a while."
by Qwerty$09 June 26, 2016
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An asshole who over-uses the phrase "YAAAASSSSS"
Dude 1: Yo, do you want to order some pizza?

Dude 2: Oh my God "YAAASSSSSS"

Dude 1: Bro wtf don't be such a YASS-hole...
by MYAYAYYYAYYA February 22, 2017
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Someone who's always turnt and annoying about it
Person 1: OMg! Im lIkE sooOoOO drUnK riGHT nOw!

Person 2: Have some respect and stop being such a yasshole! This is my grandpa's funeral!
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