The ultimate word that can be substituted for any word in any sentence at any time and still preserve the original meaning but add a deeper level of meaning and nuance that was not present in the original sentence.
I got yarded last night. I’ve got to yard some work real quick. I’m going to yarding over in a bit.
by Yardmeister April 22, 2021
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Slang for 100 usually refers to currency
Man that Gucci t-shirt set me back a yard, but it looks door with my Versace jeans
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driving through people's yards with your vehicle

pretty much drifting trees and ravaging shrubs

fun way to pass the time if you live in a small town

best vehicles to use are those you don't give a shit about

"I know who ran through my yard and its not cool. I spent good money for 2 apple trees that are dead now. I would suggest you get a new hobby. You also didnt happen to see my deer cameras in my yard that took your photograph. I would advise you not to run though my yard again. " - local mother

"damn, i love yarding." - all yard harders.
by originally4cylinder December 29, 2011
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The conjunction of the two words “You Heard”. Combining the words “you” and “heard”.
As Marshall was leaving the DJ booth, he proclaimed to Gannon that he is the greatest. Gannon then replied, “Yard”.

As Hank left the barbershop, the others wished him a good day. Hank threw the deuce up and yelled back, “yard”.
by Wiseman James85 January 6, 2022
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When someone says On Yard you know they telling the truth💀
I promise I didn't do nothin with yo girl. On yard brud.
by CuunCuunLips June 9, 2022
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the manchester equivalent of the london term 'allow it'
person 1 :hey man, wanna go to the shop
person 2: yard it, i cant be arsed
by driller May 29, 2012
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