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To get money, cake, dough.
"Me and my niggas is eatin".

"Y'all niggas ain't eatin, ya stomach touchin nigga".

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Can mean a number of things including guns, drugs, and pussy. It's usually used in place of those things as a means to be discrete about discussing those type of things, particularly the former two.
"I ran up on him wit the thang-thang, ya heard".

"Lemme get two of them thangs".

"Ayo ma, why don't you gimme that thang".

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Colloquialism for the country of Jamaica
"Big up all the yard man dem"

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to discharge or to shoot (a gun),
"Niggas was lickin shots."

"Lick a shot in the air!"

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Regional colloquialism for the Laurelton section of Queens, NYC.
"I'm from LA, 137th Ave".

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To make wifey or one's girlfriend
"I'm a wife that."
"Why you ain't wife that? She's bad yo."

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