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When you want some1 to get outta yo face, just say YAHHHH bitch YAHHH. They will immidietly be like wtf? and get outta yo face

One of soulja boys songs.
Hey man wass crakin. YAHHHHHHHHHHH BITCH YAHHHHHHHHH get outta my face hoe
by V-Ridaaa January 30, 2008
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the most obnoxious song, uhm, EVER.

sung by "soulja" boy. you know, the guy that taught our generation how to "crank dat", which, in turn, lowered our iq as a whole by about twenty points.
person 1: YAH TRICK YAHHH!!
person 2: dude. no.
by devin t April 08, 2008
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When someone be talking and talking and you do not want to hear it, you just be like yahh trick yahhh. Except when they're talking about Collipark music. Then you have to say "yahdfbgrtypiweryirhgir!".
Guy 1: Hey, can I have your autograph. Please, please, please, please, please?
A certain unnamed rapper: Yahhhh!!!!
Guy 1:Pshhh....
by Maddie Psh Kayy™ May 26, 2008
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