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When having a cell phone conversation the person on the other end of the call says y'all (alternatively spelled as yall) every few words in a desperate attempt to sound southern when in actuality they are from somewhere like New York. For people who say y'all naturally (i.e. real southerners), this is a painful conversation.

It is important to note that this particular "y'all" is obviously fake and can be distinguished by such characteristics as a noticeable pause between the "y" and the "all" because the poser cannot even grasp the basic pronunciation of the word, and by their grammatically incorrect use of it to refer to only one person, when in fact y'all is one of the contracted forms of the second person plural "you all."
(On cell phones.)

Poser: Hey Y'ALL, how are Y'ALL doing? Y'ALL, I was just calling to tell Y'ALL that I wanted Y'ALL to do me a favor. Could Y'ALL... (it can go on forever!)

Poser's Dad: What the hell? You're from New York. Stop y'alling, you poser! *Hangs up in frustration.*
by Oh my gosh, it's Bran! January 23, 2008
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Yalling is the act by which a non-southern person offends someone from the southern United States by teasing their speech patterns. Deliberate or not, yalling implies that the southerner is acting like an "ignorant redneck" which is an image many educated people from those states consciously try to avoid.
I was talking to my boyfriend from NYC the other night, and he yelled "y'all" into the phone just to get on my nerves. Luckily he's good enough in bed to forgive the occasional yalling, but when will they learn that it's just not funny?
by TheWebCoder November 08, 2008
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