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A phrase used when someone says something both outdated and unfunny, following "that is so."
'All your base are belong to us!'
'God, that is so nineteen-ninety-never. It wasn't even funny when it came out.'
by care June 22, 2004
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Commercials made by the Historica association of Canada, outlining Canada's "achievements" in 60-second shorts. Considered by Canadians to be hilarious, people of any other nationality just don't get them.
I saw the Canadian Heritage Moment with the Mountie last night, eh? That's the best one.
No way- the Inukshuk one is by far the best.
by care June 18, 2004
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A common west coast slang term meaning no, nothing, not, never, didn't, etc. Originated from high school students in shoreline.
There is thor beer left.
I'm thor going because I'm sick.
"Are you going to pay for that?" "Thor."
by care March 08, 2005
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