- pronoun

The rube form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective.
Man, I'm hungry. Where is you guyses trough?
by Rubes Stink October 24, 2007
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completely and utterly useless phrase people up north use in the place of ya'll. it means you guys, but they just have to be stupid and (besides not using the much simpler phrase ya'll) add -es to the phrase "you guys". As I have said many times with great wisdomosity, ya'll is much simplier to say.
Hey are you guyses going to the movie?
by british susan July 12, 2006
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The northern Mid-Westerner's "Y'all."
The plural of "you" that ought to be used if you are in, for example, Wisconsin. Even though the word "guy" is involved, this phrase is used when addressing groups of males, groups of females, or a mixed crowd.
Are yous guyses ready for another beer? Well den, yous guyses will hafta go to the gas station and get it den, eh?
by k robot July 1, 2006
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