When a man smacks his penis against a very skinny (must have ribcage showing) girl's ribcage.
Originates from the term xylophone for an anorexic girl.
"Dude, I played her xylophone last night"
"Im playing her xylophone later"
"May I play your xylophone?"
"I think with her I'd be playing the xylophone"
by Borthwick March 17, 2009
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Crazy, but not in an inherently bad way; a bit loopy or trippy. People who are hearing xylophones can be a lot of fun to hang out with.
No guys, I'm serious! I swear to god there was a blue light on the wall over there just a second ago.
Man, you're hearing xylophones.
by HoboAC November 13, 2007
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A slang term referring to using cocaine (specifically, snorting cocaine).
"Yeah I heard Jim got too caught up in playing the purple xylophone. It really ruined his life."
"My mom always told me to avoid playing the purple xylophone."
by March 29, 2022
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A streamer who is relatively unknown but still very funny.
"Have you heard of Xylophone Streams?" -Person 1
"no I havent." -Person 2
"You should totally watch them! They make my day!" -Person 1
by Pancake owo March 15, 2022
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Much like the Trombone or Trumpet, the partner eating out the asshole, simultaneously uses two anal bead sets to play on the other partner's rib cage, with a drumming motion.
"Carl was really enthusiastic when I told him I wanted a Rusty Xylophone. My ribs were bruised for a week. It was awesome!
by TheRatFinkLeroy August 23, 2017
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Person 1: Chris died
Person 2: Wasn't he gay
Person 1: Yeah he's a backward xylophone now
by bruhsoupandyo December 4, 2022
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