spanish abbreviation for "por que?", where "x" is por and "q" is que.
xq you going to the beach?

xq vas a la playa?
by the fuuuuck? March 16, 2004
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XO = Kiss Hug...
XT = Kiss Threesome
XQ = Kiss Quickie
Andy: XQ?
Matt: XQ?
Andy: Lets Do it..?
Matt: TOTM!
Andy: No XQ on totm!
by Machoo October 12, 2008
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xylophone quartet. This is four xylophones that play songs together.
Dude, I've got xq practice after school!
by Nick RRR April 3, 2008
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The way dyslexics read the Xp in Windows Xp
Dyslexic Person: Dang this Windows Xq is slow!

Non-dyslexic Person. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.
by JamesEX March 8, 2004
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when you are said

opposite of XD when you are happy
by da atheist March 13, 2004
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spanish online abbrevation for "te quiero" (i love you)
xq tk: because i love you
by shianno August 21, 2007
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an abbreviation for the whole word “excuse
“xqs me madam, you just dropped your eraser!”
by a smart cunt February 23, 2018
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