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revolutionary culinary creations that mash up original and unexpected food combinations and ingredients, resulting in delicious dishes...or awful misses.

Better known Frankenfoods include The Ramen Burger, Spam Sushi, and Spicy Pulled Pork S'mores.
Adam: "After eating that gyro egg-roll, I decided to make my own Frankenfood."

Jen: "I haven't seen you cook since '04. What'd you make?"

Adam: "Fried PB&J fish sticks. Yum."
by the fuuuuck? June 20, 2014

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There is a fifth dimension, beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition.

It's called the Twilight Zone, and it's a TV show.
I love the Twilight Zone and I watch it on the Science Fiction network all the time.
by the fuuuuck? September 22, 2005

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abbreviation of "presentation"
I have to draw up a powerpoint preso for a class assignment this week.
by the fuuuuck? February 17, 2005

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spanish abbreviation for "por que?", where "x" is por and "q" is que.
xq you going to the beach?

xq vas a la playa?
by the fuuuuck? March 16, 2004

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As own is to pwn, bwn is to bone.
She may be only standard-hot, but I would bwn her!
by the fuuuuck? February 26, 2005

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A now-empty bottle of alcohol.
The vodka's dead. Who killed the fucking vodka? Whoever killed the vodka has to fucking replenish it.
by the fuuuuck? June 29, 2004

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like take it to the house, to deliver the game ball to the goal
thomas took it to the hole 40 times this game!
by the fuuuuck? July 03, 2004

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