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Female Breasts. Commonly used while a man is tittyfucking a woman.
Man! my girlfried's cockhugers are massive....bet you'd like to tittyfuck some of dat huh Grandpa?
by JamesEX March 07, 2004

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Packa Za's: Insult. Used by ither man or woman to insult a group of snotty females, that always hang around togeather and are considered to be bitchy or a za.
Well fuck me raw! here comes Sabrina n' her Packa za's!
by JamesEX March 07, 2004

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Skooties: 1) Slang. Combonation of the words skirt and boobies, to describe the quality, firmness and beauty of a womans ass while she is wearing a skirt. 1) Slang: Combonation of the two words cooties and skater, refering to the transmiting of cooties from a skater to an unsuspecting person.
1)Gawd daum! check it! them skooties walking down the street..mmmm..bet ya i could bounce a quater off them hip-high skooties.
2) Fuck naw! them some nasty-ass saggin skooties! she got the mom-butt yo!

Popular girl: Ewww. Trevor don't be touching me in my private area, fer all i know you be giving me skooties, you skootie ridden skater punk!
Trevor: So, you want to stop having sex now then?
by JamesEX May 13, 2004

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Quarter life Crisis: 1) Somone between the ages of 23-30. 2) A marketing catch phrase used my the media and corporations to instill fear and insacurity in young adults to consume products; much like a 'mid-life crisis'. 3) Half way between a fetus-life cirsis and a mid-life crisis; however, only half a life away from a 3/4-life crisis and 3/4 of a life away from death.
Stuffy-Corporate guy: Hmmm. seems sales on cargo pants, SUV's and Life Insurace is down, what shall we do Jenkins?
Jenkins: I dunno sir. Perhaps we could fuck with college students minds by telling them they are having a 'quarter life crisis'; thereby, instagating mass consumption of these products; therefor, padding the 3/4 profits of the company.
Stuffy-Corporate guy: Brillant! Jenkins! Now, i'll have the usual Club sandwhich on brown bread if you please.
Jenkins: C'ommin right up sir.
by JamesEX May 13, 2004

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The way dyslexics read the Xp in Windows Xp
Dyslexic Person: Dang this Windows Xq is slow!

Non-dyslexic Person. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.
by JamesEX March 07, 2004

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