short for Cross Country, as in running Cross Country, as in the best sport out there.
Kid1: " Hey come to our xc meet today! We're gonna dominate!"
Kid2: "Hell yea! See ya there!"
by NuckaPlease November 25, 2004
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CROSS COUNTRY. The best sport of my life. You hafta be sweet to be good at xc, and it takes a hell of a lot of work to get there. And even if you are never good, it's still worth it cause all that running keeps you from getting fat.
"Dude, is that the xc star from A-dubb? Shit, we're screwed."
by Underdawg November 15, 2006
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a text emoji of a frowning face with scrunched eyes, perhaps displaying frustration. see also: XD :c
I got a D on the quiz last week xc
by jubjub jubjub July 31, 2018
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hardcore, an abbreviation for xcore also known as hardcore.
person 1: "Man that woman was xc she danced for 6 hours in a row without taking a break."

person 2: "you mean xcore as in hardcore"

person 1: "yea man, she was xc, same thing"

person 2: "nice"
by coolchicka123 May 23, 2010
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Another way to write sexy
Boy one - "That girl is xc"
Boy two - "yeh she is "
by elliotktm February 13, 2008
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Snowflake: I don't xc because it's too slow, too boring, and too much work.
by mikwat May 21, 2004
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cross country. the next and superior activity to a sport. requiring vast physiological, psycological, and physical abilities as well as the ability to push oneself. this is opposed to sports where one is told what to do, very closly resembling physical theropy or crossing a street holding hands .
that xc kid was running down my street last night. he peed in my yard but its ok because he was hydrated. most of the urine was water.
by asicsTitan April 8, 2006
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