An abbreviation for Xbox One, the third video game console released by Microsoft. Seemingly originated as a marginally easier way to type the name in social networks, the term was soon adopted by skeptics using it to derisively refer to the console after its controversial introduction.
No way in hell I'm touching the Xbone, man. Always-on mic and Kinect cam? I already have enough with my neighbors spying on me in my living room.
by stormyteacup May 27, 2013
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Microsoft's third console. The xbox, the 360, the xbone. 1. Xbox (sixth generation) 2. Xbox 360 (seventh generation) 3. Xbox One (eighth generation).
Her: Hey, have you heard about the xbone? It sounds a lot like a $500 voice-activated TV remote.
Him: I guess that's what happens when the brain dead with sub-human IQ take over your marketing department?
by jamndamn May 22, 2013
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Pronounced Ex-Bone; A term used to describe the new Xbox One in a derogatory fashion. In what can only be described as having a "boner" for the new xbox release, both fanboys and tech enthusiasts alike were heavily disappointed by the release information for the new console, as well as restrictions on gameplay and always on requirements. Deflating the "boner" as it were that the once excited crowd once had.
"Dude, you see the features on the Xbox One?"
"You mean the Xbone? Yea, makes me wanna go back to a PC"
by GobbaFoobaBoo June 7, 2013
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a further development of the Orwellian utopia in the United Surveillance of America

People bitch about it now but will buy it anyway.
After the initial whine is gone sales will go on as usual.
Just another small step down the hill.
You're xboned, enjoy.
by JangoJay June 16, 2013
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Xbone is a sexual act where one partner is standing with legs a few feet apart forming the bottom part of an "x" while the other is doing a hand stand with legs spread forming the top part of an "x". This is done during intercourse and usually requires physically fit individuals, especially the one doing the hand stand.
"Hey breh, I xboned my girl last night. She has so much upper body strength breh. She farted though...
by EffBeeEye March 12, 2015
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With Xbone an analyst can collect data from external and internal data sources and quickly load them in-memory and start analyzing.

Xbone was launched as an app from the Business Intelligence company TARGIT in fall 2012 and is based on NoETL, NoSQL, in-memory technology enabling user to perform self-service analytics through TARGIT Decision Suite
I used Xbone to analyze my data
by wowBI July 2, 2013
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The act of getting boned by Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One system. This can include the price, the used game restrictions, or the always online connectivity.
Guy 1: My internet won't be fixed for another three days so I can't play my new FIFA 14

Guy 2: you totally got Xboned
by Bootzy June 13, 2013
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