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The most feared Sith lord in the galaxy. Helped the Emperor construct 2 Death Stars and nearly wiped out the Rebels.
Do not fail Lord Vader or you will have your windpipe snapped in two by the Dark Side of the Force.
by Sith April 06, 2003
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A Video Game Console with only one exclusive game worth buying(Chronicles of Riddick)(KOTOR is on PC, Tom Clancy games have gone to PS2 with added features). Which has gone toward funding the already world's richest man Bill Gates. It's also a large object that can be dropped from American planes on to Iraq if we're lucky enough to have planes that strong. Also made as a home for the homeless with a plutonium core, a good way to start a campfire(it catches on fire faster than matches), and a largly, foolishly profited organization.
X-box's on the top shelf? I thought Egyptian slavery was over
by Sith September 16, 2004
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