(cheifly British)

In the UK, 'X' is commonly used at the end of a message to represent kisses. Similar to 'Xs and Os' (kisses and hugs) in North America, however 'X' can be and is often used by people of varying familiarity (platonic friendships, siblings, crushes, dating, married, etc.) Usually more Xs means more familiarity. Xs can be seen used between two people of the same sex without being regarded as homosexual.
1) Hey are you still coming to London for my fancy dress? x

2) Heard you were back in town sexy. Haven't had a good shag in ages, so how bout it? xxxxxx

3) Can you pick up some curry for dinner on your way home love? Cheers x
by EI8HTY6IX October 25, 2009
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a letter that teachers force us to "find".
Teacher- "Please find the value of x in this equation."

Student- "NO!"
by hatesx5555 December 6, 2009
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#X is the symbol you use to tell your friends you can't text because you’re about to drive. You can use it in social media, text messages or email as a quick way to let them know.
Can’t text now, I’m about to hit the road. #X

John: Hey what’s up?
Kelly: Would love to chat, but I’m about to hit the road. #X
John: no response
by itcanwait June 23, 2014
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Something that math is always is searching for. But we never know "y".
Johnny has "x" apples and 4 bananas, if x is twice the amount of bananas, find x?
by Fammymanunited19 February 14, 2013
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A kind of mischevious.. looking.. smiley.. See the sinister kind of plotting smirk!? Can't you see it?
Me: This should be a good RP.. x)
Other: Oh god, what are you plotting?
Me: ..nooothinnnggg... x)
by Calypsion June 28, 2006
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x <----that's the spot.
by WhiteJerome April 25, 2014
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